Don’t: Forget to put on new perspectacles

If you know me, you know that I struggle all of the time with the clean house vs. messy house, organized vs. un-organized, good vs. evil battle.  I have my own purple light saber and have wielded it many times to try to slay these mental and physical dragons.  I have been working on a few posts about areas of my messy life and have surprised myself with an overwhelming amount of material.  As I sort it out and decide whether to post:  My van is a rolling garage sale or When the doorbell rings: the threat of invasion.  Please enjoy a post  (I saw it on FB – thank you to whoever hit the share button)  that has touched my heart and stuck with me since I read it from Momastery called: Give me Gratitude or Give me Debt.  Happy Wednesday everyone – click on arrow in the white box on the post below to go to

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