Do: Dance in the corner

I grew up on a farm. I remember around the age of six or seven, I was required to help with chores by sweeping soupy, sloppy pig manure out of our hog building with a push broom much larger than myself. I loathed doing it, especially on a hot day. This was the kind of chore that made doing dishes look really good.  I was not very effective at it but most days my dad was content with the fact that I was present. As an adult I have realized how great it was that even at a young age he never made me think there was a task I couldn’t do and he believed that I had to learn somehow even if it meant he had to come behind and finish the job.  In his eyes some help was better than no help.

I got through the job the best way I knew how…. with my imagination.  I was a million miles away. I swept the first corner, stood there and belted out Grease and other musical tunes, while dancing with my tall, very skinny dance partner (you guessed it the manure coated broom). People always comment about my creativity, and the unglamorous secret of what caused my creativity to blossom is spelled out here. Occasionally during one of my energetic numbers I was brought back to reality with the horrible stench, a splatter of hog poo, or dad’s verbal reminder of the in-attention to my duties. However in those priceless little moments I could be anything I wanted to be. With each swish of the broom I was whisked away. I was confident and empowered in my imaginary world.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a mess… literally or figuratively.  In life, each of us need a place to “dance in the corner” for a little break away from the stress. Maybe you are energized when you spend time with a friend who believes in you. Maybe you can be “swept away” while painting or exercising.  Maybe just sitting at your desk or table while closing your eyes, will allow you to visualize a place with no bounds. Spend time in prayer and ask God to help you with this. So, if you are having trouble finding your dancing place I am sure there is a hog farmer with a building full of manure that would allow you to “mentally escape”! (Don’t forget to take your push broom to be your dance partner).



  1. Stephanie

    Great message! Time for me to find a way to de-stress with God’s help.

  2. Jill

    Absolutely love this-we all need an escape that is healthy and helpful!

  3. Missy

    I always knew you would be a fantastic speaker and writer! I love all your humorous insight into the mind of a woman. I look forward to reading these on a regular basis. :) Oh, I loved the video and my boys suddenly appeared behind me while I was watching and they were laughing right along with me.

  4. Emily

    I need to remember to take a moment like this. I watched Olivia do just that tonight. I so miss being free spirited and just a kid! So, I’m gonna turn on my NKOTB and do a dance ;). Can’t wait for your next words of inspiration! Love you friend!

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